Why Cisiv?

We care about patient outcomes and having an impact on the world around us.

Cisiv’s platform enables large sample, long-term studies to be operationalised with a light touch. This means that life science companies can implement these projects with fewer overheads and engage physicians as partners in science. This is done through automating data quality and reducing the need for manual data management tasks. The portal offers a number of stakeholders engagement tools such as the ability to download documents, access other publications, extract one site’s own data and self-service FAQ. These increase adherence and supports persistence in long-term studies.

Cisiv offers flexible technology and flexible pricing models and expertise that supports optimal outcomes with real world late phase research.

Patient focus

Our technology follows the patients, not the study.


Our platform complies with, and meets the requirements of all global regulations.

Expertise in RWD

The team’s expertise is focused on real world data, and our technology is a unique and dedicated platform designed for real world studies.

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