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Adaptable, secure, and fully integrated eConsent for late-phase and real-world studies

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Fully integrated within Baseline Plus, our eConsent module is designed specifically to meet the demands of late phase, real-world, and decentralized studies.

The technology empowers study managers with a range of consent workflows to enable online and offline enrolment. A streamlined user-interface with the ability to support rich media content promotes better patient engagement and adherence to the consent process.

  • Adaptable workflows

    To maximize enrolment into studies, study managers need to utilize a range of online and offline recruitment strategies, which demands adaptable eConsent. Cisiv’s eConsent module supports a full suite of consent workflows within the study design, including self-enrolment, response to physician invites, and electronic management of paper consent, with both biometric and electronic signature options. Whatever your eConsent workflow needs, we can tailor a solution to suit.

  • Integrated and secure

    Our platform simplifies eConsent collection for late phase and real-world studies, allowing you to capture your clinical assessment, eConsent, and ePRO data within a single integrated database enabling streamlined oversight and reporting. The platform is fully secure, facilitating controlled user-based visibility of consent information and a complete audit history.

  • Simple to set up and to use

    Our experienced study designers work in collaboration with your team to build and deploy the technology quickly and easily, meeting even demanding timelines, and support regional variations. Available with both app-based, and web-based options, the tool’s intuitive interface, and support for interactive media promotes seamless patient engagement during the study consent process.

  •  Baseline Plus is a data capture platform uniquely designed to meet the challenges of real-world, late phase, and decentralized research. Easy to use for physicians, patients, and study managers alike, its set of intuitive tools and workflows incorporates ePRO, eConsent and electronic data capture to support any real-world, late phase design.

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