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Market leading technology, dedicated to late phase and real world research

Offering tailored and flexible solutions that support the rich and diverse late phase landscape

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Intelligent technology for decentralised research, delivered by dedicated late phase experts, designed specifically for the unstructured nature of real world

One single platform, purposefully designed for late phase and real world research:

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    An intuitive platform, enabling study teams to capture, access and manage study data, without the need for multiple systems

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    Simple and clear user interface, which is easy to set up and easy to use

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    Industry-leading functionality, which engages physicians and patients alike, and the data associated with both

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    Delivers rapid study builds, improving operational efficiencies and delivering better data, faster

Building long lasting relationships with the biggest pharmaceutical and CRO's across the globe

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    Collaborating with
    of the top global
    pharmaceutical companies

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    Engaging with
    of the top global CROs

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    OVER 200
    Pharma/Biotech companies

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    Proven to reduce data management costs by over

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    Delivering studies in more than
    in local languages

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    Supporting studies with less than 50 patients, to studies with over

Working with Cisiv

Our vision is to change the market, modify the way things are done and transform the sorts of results you can get from studies. It’s exciting, and our passion for challenging the way things are done to gain better results from these studies, is what really drives us as an organisation.

Dominic Farmer

CEO and Founder, Cisiv

Cisiv is an organisation established specifically to meet the needs of the late phase market. It is an ever-evolving organisation with technology that is always one step ahead of the needs of this growing market. We pride ourselves in our expertise in helping our partners build their studies as efficiently as possible. Through our deep understanding of this industry, we provide access to skilled people, streamlined processes and tailored technology dedicated to creating the best solutions for late phase research.

Nadia Mahmood

Real World Studies Director

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