Contract research organisations (CROs)

Cisiv supports and partners with small and large contract research organisations.

Cisiv’s technology can bring a deeper understanding of the peri- and post- approval environment and processes. You may have experienced that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to late phase and real world research.  Late phases are not clinical trials light, rather they require a different way of approaching a research question.

  • Late phase studies come in many different shapes and forms and can be incredibly complex to design and execute.
  • Increasingly, late phase studies require e-Consent, eCOA, surveys, diaries, and integration with wearables and electronic health records.
  • Late phase studies are longer term, involve broader global patient populations and are less structured, requiring greater flexibility and different approaches to patient data capture.


Baseline Plus, our technology platform, is fit-for-purpose for late phase research. Our fully integrated platform of modules provides end-to-end capabilities simplifying oversight and management, while allowing the flexibility to tailor an approach to the specific protocol requirements.

Our technology platform is fully compliant with global regulations and complies with data privacy and security standards globally.

Why partner with us?

Cisiv’s foundation was built on the principles that the real world is complex and does not follow the strict processes of clinical trials. We have continued to adapt to the changing market for 15 years as the technology eco-system has evolved. We can support your organisation and advise how to get started or how to optimise processes and technology. We will enable your real world data and late phase operations, and help you provide competitive and differentiated services.

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