Real world electronic data capture

Cisiv has designed and supported global studies with 20,000+ patient studies as well as a handful of patients.

It is an easy and intuitive system which responds to the challenges of real world data entry. This includes missing data, data outside normal ranges, and visits that may not happen on schedule. It allows for reporting, engagement with physicians and sites, an embedded safety module, and is fully integrated with other Baseline Plus modules.

Cisiv’s technology allows for flexible configurations, and adaptation to local languages for sites. It includes a range of features that allow for high quality data for point of entry in studies.

Baseline Plus is fully compliant with all global requirements for clinical systems.

Key Features:

  • Data collection follows the standard of care
  • AE/SAE module
  • Quality control
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Auditing
  • Accessibility

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