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Baseline Plus

The complete solution for real world late phase data capture

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Cisiv have developed the complete platform, which can be adapted to meet the requirements of all real world, late phase studies, no matter the scope or scale.

Our flexible platform can be tailored towards any requirements, enabling our customers to build all their existing and new studies in an effective manner and without any technological constraints.

Benefits of Baseline Plus

Highly flexible, fully integrated platform

One single platform, with a complete set of tools and workflows, simply configured to meet the highly diverse challenges of real world late phase data capture.

Supporting any real world late phase study design

An end-to-end set of modules that plug into the varied designs found in real world and late phase studies, from managed access, through to decentralized registries. Baseline Plus provides all of the study functionality you need.

Technology that enables patient engagement

Baseline Plus contains eCOA, ePRO, eConsent and eDiary modules enabling data from patients and physicians to be captured in one place.

One solution for EDC, ePRO & eConsent

Baseline plus contains EDC, ePRO & eConsent within one easy to use platform, removing the need to introduce physicians and patients to a variety of systems with different functionality.

Suitable for any regulatory setting

Baseline Plus is fully compliant with all related global regulations, making it suitable for use in any scenario, where study protocols give more flexibility to the behavior of patients and physicians.

Intelligent technology for decentralized research by late phase experts

Baseline Plus delivers intelligent technology, purposefully designed for late phase and real world research.


Electronic data capture, Managed Access Program, single point of design tool


ePRO, eCOA, eDiary, eConsent, patient notifications and reminders

Study Management

Site portal, management portal, reporting tools, adverse event reporting

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Baseline Plus is fully compliant with all global requirements for clinical systems including 21 CFR Part 11, GCP, GDPR, HIPAA