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Cutting edge technology, delivered by late-phase experts

Cisiv provides the core technology for late phase research, that covers every aspect of data collection and analysis, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any real world, late phase study, allowing our customers to deliver their existing and new studies

Our values

Cisiv was built on the premise of our core values. These are what drive us every day. They are the foundations of our partnerships with some of the biggest organizations in the real world, late phase market. They are what make us strive to help our clients deliver extensive, effective and more comprehensive studies than ever before.


We fundamentally believe in the importance of developing a collaborative process with our clients. We work with them as partners to develop the right process to ensure that our technology matches the needs of their specific study.

Can-do attitude

At Cisiv, we believe in a hands-on approach to working with our clients. Each of our employees takes their responsibility to our clients and their studies extremely seriously, and we are also passionate about making sure that their studies are a huge success. Our attitude has always been to work closely with our clients, understand their requirements and make sure that our technology helps them achieve their goals.


We take pride in what we deliver, and we are extremely proud of what Baseline Plus enables our clients to achieve. We take ownership of the process from start to finish, making sure our technology performs to the highest standards for your study.


Our team are late phase experts who will work diligently with each of our clients on an individual basis. Our experts work closely with our clients to harness their exact requirements and build a bespoke solution which will enhance the effectiveness of their study.


Innovation is at the forefront of what we do. We believe in building more enhanced studies for our clients and transforming the way real world, late phase studies are delivered. We continue to work with our clients to develop a solution to their specific requirements to help them deliver different types of studies in ways that have never been done before.


Our technology has helped to deliver hundreds of successful studies, at varying scales, across multiple countries. Whether you are experimenting with different studies, or want to create a new type of study entirely, we are confident that our technology can be effectively tailored to meet your needs.

Working with cisiv

Our vision is to change the market, modify the way things are done and transform the sorts of results you can get from studies. It’s exciting, and our passion for challenging the way things are done to gain better results from these studies, is what really drives us as an organization.

Dominic Farmer

CEO and Founder, Cisiv

Baseline Plus is engaging and built with the end user in mind. Our customers are eager to delve into all the innovative and exciting features our platform has to offer. Working with customers to help them actualize their vision and provide unique and exciting study designs allows Cisiv to have an impact on the world of late phase research and that is a fantastic thing to be a part of

Megan O’Brien

Real World Study Design Manager

Cisiv is an organization established specifically to meet the needs of the late phase market. It is an ever-evolving organization with technology that is always one step ahead of the needs of this growing market. We pride ourselves in our expertise in helping our partners build their studies as efficiently as possible. Through our deep understanding of this industry, we provide access to skilled people, streamlined processes and tailored technology dedicated to creating the best solutions for late phase research.

Nadia Mahmood

Real World Studies Director

It is not fair to say Cisiv is one-stop-shop for all things for real world evidence, as it is more than a one-stop-shop. We provide our deep expertise, broad knowledge, great professionalism, amazing attitude to define and deliver to the needs of the late-phase market. The ability to design a study/program that can vary from being an MAP all the way to REMS (and everything in between) and allow various stakeholders, from doctors, patients, data management team to sponsors interact with the study/program is unique and only possible with our platform and team of experts behind the platform. It is great to be part of an organization that strives, not just being the best, but also delivering the best to the best.

Sohan Krishna

Product Director

Our customers are excited about what Baseline Plus can help them deliver. They use our platform to help them look at delivering studies in different ways to how they have done them before. It’s great to see how our platform can enable our customers to do things differently. It is why we do what we do every day. It is a great feeling to be able to have that kind of impact.

Dominic Farmer

CEO and founder, Cisiv

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